How to Sell Your House- Decluttering

This post was sponsored by Walmart Savings Catcher and the folks at Crowdtap.  All opinions are my own. #WMTSavingsCatcher

I had told you about our plans last week regarding selling our house and moving into our RV.  We are so excited to get on the road and start traveling!  I will be doing several series here on the Sitcom allowing you to follow along on our adventure.

The first series involves how to get the house ready for sale. I have to take a close look at each room and determine what would make that room most inviting for any potential buyers.  Because it is a major selling point of a house, the kitchen is the room that we will be doing the most changes in.

kitchen renovation

Here is a current, rather messy view of my kitchen.  These are the things we have planned:
  • Declutter– all the countertops need to be empty, or as empty as possible.  My kitchen needs to look clean and with all that clutter, it looks anything but clean. 
  • Depersonalize– I had a southwest theme going in my kitchen and living room.  While I personally love the colors and all the cool western ceramics, and western themed decorations, I know that a potential buyer may have issues with it.  So, we will be pulling down the wallpaper trim, removing all the western ceramic pots, and repainting the walls. 
  • New counter tops– We currently have a nice sized crack in our counter top near the sink.  We plan on replacing the counter tops with granite.  We are working on quotes for that right now.  I will be writing a post on that in a few weeks.  
  • New back splash– We will be installing that ourselves, so look for a tutorial when we get to that point!
  • New sink and faucet
  • Kitchen Table needs revamping– I will be recovering the chairs.  Why, you ask?  Well, right now they are looking pretty dingy.  But the main reason is we plan on offering any of our furniture as inclusion in the selling price if the new buyer wants it.  We need to unload all this furniture!

kitchen renovation

And finally…I need to revamp this 50 gallon fish tank that sits along the far wall of my kitchen.  I take care of fish about as well as I take care of houseplants.  This huge tank is home to about 50 guppies.  But it does look really pretty when it is clean and colorful.  The plan is to sell the fish tank, fish, stand, and all the supplies that go with it.

 So, with that being said, I have started with the tank.  I needed to go purchase all the supplies needed to make it pretty again.  My options are either the local pet supply store or Walmart.  I chose Walmart because they have a new deal there called the Walmart Savings Catcher.  Basically, it is a free app that I downloaded to my phone.

walmart saver

You simply go to Walmart and purchase what you would like, and then scan the receipt into your phone.  The app will then go through your receipt line by line and check out other stores in your area to see if anyone else offers a lower price for that item.  If it finds lower prices, it will take that amount you would have saved elsewhere and apply it to a Walmart gift card.

Basically, it saves me a ton of time looking at sale papers.  I know I will get the lowest price regardless!

What a great idea!

So I purchased all my tank supplies there and then scanned the receipt.  Roughly three days later, the results were back and the app says I could have saved $4.10 elsewhere, so it applied that amount to a gift card for me. 

walmart saver

 I shop at Walmart quite often, so the savings are going to add up quickly. And with everything we need to do around the house in the next couple months, this extra cash will come in handy.  What a fun way to save money with very little effort on my part.  

I totally love that.  

kitchen renovation

And here is the tank after a thorough cleaning!  It will take a day or so for the water to totally clear, but it already looks so much better.  I plan on putting the tank and stand up for sale this week.  And then onto the next project!

Oh and one more thing!

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You can’t ever have too much free stuff in my opinion…

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