25 Great uses for your Label Maker (and a great giveaway)!

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Did you know that January is National Get Organized Month?  I suppose it goes hand in hand with the whole New Years Resolution thing.  Personally, I cannot seem to keep a New Years Resolution, but I still make them every year.  One of these days I’ll be thin, blonde and socially adept.  Nothing like a challenge, I always say.  So, how about a challenge to get organized?  Even I can handle that! How about a list of 25 great uses for your label maker?

What?  You don’t have one?  Well, I also have a cool giveaway event to tell you about!

25 great uses for your label maker

Yep, poor Ralph was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Truthfully, he walked around with that label on his head all day, making me laugh every time he walked into the room.  That was until the husband got home and removed it.  He said something to the effect that I shouldn’t be embarrassing the dog, and maybe I should find something better to use my label maker on.

25 great uses for your label maker

So I made the breaker box more organized and very readable!  Because, honestly, how many times have you had to go shut off breakers one by one while someone in another room yells, “no, no, no, no…yes!) Now we can easily locate the breaker we want to turn off.  And the breaker box meets my aesthetic standards.  A win-win situation.

Want to know what it looked like before?  Stay tuned!  I have that and 24 other great ideas for labels!

25 great uses for your label maker

But first I want to tell you about my new P-Touch Label Maker!  I love the fact that it is so easy to use.  You can change your fonts, letter size, add symbols and even create labels in multiple colors.  A fun addition to your organizing needs.


In celebration of National Get Organized Month, the folks at Brother are giving away a P-Touch label maker every day in January as well as a Grand Prize pack worth up to $2000! Go here to enter and find out more!

25 great uses for your label maker

This is our breaker box before I tackled it with my label maker.  Not only was it virtually unreadable, but full of spelling errors and a bit of slight confusion.

I made a list of what labels were needed and went to work…

25 great uses for your label maker

And now we actually look a bit more organized!

More Label Maker Ideas

1. Food Storage- Not sure what is in that plastic container? P-touch labels are laminated and perfect to add time and date and even heating instructions!
2. Cable Identification– Identify all your cables!  Perfect for that mess behind your computer.
3. File Management– Use color coded labels to make your files not only neater but even more organized!
4. Label your Keys– An easy way to identify which key goes to what.

organize the craft room with rubbermaid storage

5. Label craft supply storage boxes– A much better way to identify what the heck you have in each of those boxes!
6. Label your binders- much easier than pulling each of them out when you are looking for something in particular.
7. Label your property in the office– Is that your stapler?  Put your name on it!  Then next time it wanders off, you can easily claim it!
8. Signs in the office– mark your “in box” and your “out box”, your file cabinets, your coffee cup!
9. Create name badges
10. Label the coffee pots in the break room– which is decaf?  We really need to know!
11. Inventory Management– label your shelves to help keep track of inventory.
12. Label shelves in refrigerator

13. Label sports gear– an easy way to keep up with your stuff!
14. Label school supplies– notebooks, backpacks, lunch boxes…
15. Label containers of baking ingredients- Store your baking ingredients in sealed containers and label for easy use!
16. Label home canning jars– For home canning add a label with name of food and date made for easy reference.
17. Label containers in the bathroom-a great reference for stored Q-tips, and other bath supplies.
18. Label plastic bins of toys- Put up toys in bins and label them!

19. Label frozen food leftovers- Mark your frozen food with the name and date.
20. Boxes in storage- This works great for moving too!
21. Childrens shoes with left and right– perfect for the younger set.
22. Flash drives- An easy way to keep track of what you have stored.
23. Spices- If you store your spices in plastic or glass containers- this is a must.
24. Pantry Shelves– Assign certain shelves for certain food items.

25 great uses for your label maker

Oh… and here is one more.

So how long should I let him walk around like that?  Ha!

Need help selecting the right labeler for you?  Check out the Brother site for more info! Or follow them on their social websites for fun updates and more great label uses…

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