20 Inspiring Craft Room Ideas!

As a professional crafter, I am always looking for ways to better organize my craft room.  Crafting should be relaxing and fun.  Have you ever spent all day looking for that bag of beads that you are certain you purchased, but can’t remember where you put them?  And then days later, you find them in one of your shoes in the back of the closet?

Or is that just me?

Anyway… Hometalk.com is a great place to go for craft room inspiration. Because an organized craft room is a fun place to create in.  I’ve put together a compilation of 20 Inspiring Craft Room Ideas found on Hometalk!

Inspired yet?  Check out my Craft Room Ideas Board on Hometalk.  And while you are there, look around.  There is some amazing stuff to be found there!

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