How to Hand-Dye Yarn with Easter Egg Dye

Have you ever thought about creating your own hand dyed yarn?  I discovered a simple way to do it with non toxic dyes in your kitchen!  This is a simple way to hand-dye yarn using Easter Egg Dye!  And now is the time to do it – when all the stores are carrying boxes and boxes of Easter Egg Dye!

hand dying yarn with egg dye

When it comes to color, I have a tendency to gravitate towards lots of it.  And since I cannot ever seem to choose just one color, I love the variegated yarns and self striping yarns when I want to knit something.  Usually, the brighter the better.

To me, color is such an amazing thing and I simply can’t get too much of it.  Yes, I’m a child of the 60’s, can’t you tell?

hand dying yarn with egg dye

And because I’m a crafty individual, I simply can’t stop at just buying the yarn.  I wanted to hand-dye my own yarn!  I had read that it could be done rather easily using Kool-Aid, food coloring or egg dye.

Since I just snapped up a bunch of egg dye at 50% off; egg dye it would be.

Want to know how to do it?

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