7 Free Bird Patterns from the Sitcom!

This Friday is National Draw a Bird Day!  How do I know?  Well, my other website Daily Holiday Blog celebrates all those unique and unusual holidays.   When it comes to birds, any day is a good day to celebrate!

7 free bird patterns

Birds have always inspired me.  I design and offer many free patterns and it seems that birds are one of my main themes!  So in honor of the day, here are 7 of my favorite free bird patterns for you to enjoy!

Gossiping Birds Tote 

fluorescent gossiping birds tote

Birds hanging out gossiping about the latest Kardashian episode, I’m betting!  There are tons of ways to recreate these funny birds.  This pattern is bright, will make you smile and is totally free! Click here for the link!

Zentangle Doodle Peacock Frame

doodle peacock frame

Grab a sharpie pen and a wooden frame!  This project takes very few supplies and the exotic peacock pattern is a free download!  I’m an executive assistant by day and I do plenty of doodling.  Birds are my favorite thing to draw.  It can be very calming… Click here for the link!

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