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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of letgo for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Part of becoming full-time travelers living in our RV involved getting rid of about 99% of our possessions.  It can be a very draining and emotional task. You don’t really realize how attached you are to some things until you have to get rid of them.

There were all the things we had accumulated over the past 23 years of marriage. All the things that we bought and used and loved.  What to do with photos and personal items?  What about all my artwork?  Dave’s tools?  His truck?  So many things!


Our first step was to hire an Estate Sale company.

We went through the house with a fine-toothed comb, pulling out everything that we wanted to take and loaded it on the RV.  Then we removed personal things such as photos and other mementos, which my sister was nice enough to store.

How much stuff could a person own?

Well, you may be surprised.  After the Estate Sale, we still had a garage full of stuff.

So I had a bright idea.  I would advertise on Facebook.  I found a local flea market group and advertised that I had FREE stuff.

never-say-free-on-Facebook-estate-sale (1)

The ad went something like this:  Recently we had an estate sale.  We have some things left over. Home decor, ladders, Christmas decor, clothing, and a few pieces of furniture.  All items are free. Will be at the house on Thursday from noon until 4:00 PM only.  First come first served.

And then it began.

Facebook person #1:  How much are the ladders?
Facebook person #2: How much is the desk?
Facebook person #3: I’m coming to get the ladders right now.
Me: NO! Will be there from noon until 4:00 pm only.
Facebook person #4: Call me at xxx-xxxx- I need those ladders!
Facebook person #5:  I’ll PM you.  I have no job.  I need that stuff!
Facebook person #6: I have first dibs on the ladders!
Facebook person #7: No you don’t, she said first come first serve!
Facebook person #8:  So who is going to stop the fights?
Me: I would assume I’m dealing with adults.  Any fighting and I’ll close the doors!
Facebook person #9: I’m coming just to film the fights!
Facebook person #10: I’ll be there at 11:30AM for the ladders.
Facebook person #11: I’ll be there at 11:00 AM to sell the ladders to Facebook person #10.

Things got very ugly on Facebook.  And even uglier the next day.  You can read the whole story on my other website, The Traveling Sitcom.

letgo app for selling all your stuff

I really wish I had known about letgo. “letgo” is an app for buying and selling second-hand stuff within your immediate area quickly and efficiently.   And they even have an awesome tool called the letgo Commercializer, a tool in the letgo app that allows users to create hilarious high-production quality ads for the products they are selling!     

letgo app for selling all your stuff

I wanted to check out this new app.  Who knows when I might want to buy and sell again!  And I loved the fact that it immediately took me to my area of the country to show me what was available.

letgo app for selling all your stuff

Selling your own stuff is so easy to do!  I posted one of my leftover decor pieces to the site to see how it worked.   It took me about 1 minute to create the ad.

letgo app for selling all your stuff

Want to have a ton of fun?

You need to try out the letgo Commercializer!  It takes your product and makes a hilarious commercial featuring your item.  Totally cracked me up!   Check out my commercial…  

letgo app for selling all your stuff

Now that is totally hilarious!

Download the letgo app.  Create some awesome commercials and letgo of your stuff!

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