How to make Clothespin Dolls!

Remember making clothespin dolls when you were little?  Or maybe I just totally dated myself….anyway, this could be a fun project for the kids this summer.  They are easy to create and let a child’s imagination shine through.

kids craft clothespin dolls

All you need are some wooden clothespins, fun scrapbooking papers, maybe a little felt, beads, sequins and paint and let the kids create fun little people!

I have to say that it kept me entertained for hours, and I’m just a tad older than the average child…

artterro doll kit

This is a great project for a rainy summer day.  And the result is tiny little people that your kids can play with and enjoy!  Want to know how to make them?

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For this project I used:

Assorted scrapbooking paper
Six round clothes pins
Assorted beads and sequins
Pipe cleaners
Beige yarn
Hot Glue
White Glue
Acrylic Paints

artterro doll kit

Begin by cutting pipe cleaners about 4″ long to create the arms.  Hot glue the center of the pipecleaner onto the clothespin just below the “head”.

artterro doll kit

The only pipecleaners that I seem to own at the moment are silver, so they needed covered.  If you happen to have beige pipecleaners (do those even exist?), this step could be skipped. Add a dab of hot glue on the hand region to anchor the beige yarn.  Once it has dried, wrap the arms with the yarn, going back behind the clothespin and wrapping the other arm.  (Occasionally, you will need to tack with a dab of hot glue).

artterro doll kit
And now the doll has arms!

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