Funny Jar O’ Monsters made from spoons!

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Here at the Sitcom, we do silly Halloween.  I am opposed to scary simply because being scared is not one of my favorite things.  After seeing the Monsters University Movie, I was inspired.  I was not only excited to see a monster movie that makes me smile, but inspired to create!

My creation?  A Jar O’ Monsters!

monster spoons jar o monsters

Inspired by this hilarious prequel to Monsters, Inc., I decided to create a Jar O’ Monsters emulating some of the wonderful characters from the movie!

For this project I used:

6 wooden spoons
1 recycled glass jar
acrylic paints in bright colors
glass cabochons (for eyes)
Pipecleaners, paper scraps, buttons
hot glue
clear acrylic sealant

cute jar o monsters halloween diy

I have been collecting these salad dressing jars for a while now.  I love the shape of them!  And now I have a project in mind for one!  Begin by painting the jar a bright green.  It will take more than one coat of paint and you will need to allow it to dry between coats.

Sitcom 2 step option

cute jar o monsters halloween diy

While the jar is drying, paint the wooden spoons some bright monster-like colors.  Also in preparation for creating the monsters, paint a bunch of cabochons white.  Again, it will take several coats of paint.

cute jar o monsters halloween diy

Once the eyes and spoons are painted, begin by gluing the eyes in place with hot glue.  As you can see, there is a never-ending variety of choices as to placement and numbers.  No two monsters are alike!

Now lets make some monsters!

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