Moving soon? U-Pack is a great solution!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of U-Pack. All opinions are 100% mine.

Moving is definitely not a fun thing.  At least not in our experience.  Over the last 20 years, my husband and I have moved into four different homes.  We have dealt with less than honest moving companies and paid more than we wanted to most every time.  Stress, annoyance and frustration were common factors.  I wish I had known then about U-Pack.  U-Pack delivers a moving trailer right to your door, you pack it, and they move it for you!

How easy is that?


How does a U-Pack move work?

  • They deliver an empty moving trailer to your home.
  • You load your belongings.  Take up to 3 business days if needed!
  • They pick up the trailer and drive it to your new place. 
  • You have three more days to unload. 

I love the fact that you are in charge of your own stuff, have time to load it properly and the way you want it, and then someone else drives it to your new location for you!  It’s a great way to save a bit of money on a move and not have to deal with all of the fine details.

Quick Delivery

If you are moving cross country, many full service movers will take 2-3 weeks for delivery. Thanks to U-Pack’s efficient transportation network, they can move you virtually anywhere in the U.S. within 2-5 business days.


U-Pack offers an easy to print checklist for moving that will be invaluable to you! This comprehensive checklist contains all those easy to forget tasks that go along with a move, such as having your school records and vet records transferred, making changes in your insurance, and much more! Print it out and stay on top of things!

Best Packing Tips for Moving

U-Pack also offers some great information to make your moving that much easier.  Be sure to check out their website for some great ideas, including useful packing tips and easy ways to calculate the cost of your next move.

I wish I had known about them sooner.  Moving has always been pretty darn stressful for us.  Even when we finally pared down all of our belongings and moved into our RV.

How stressful? Here is what I wrote a year ago about our move:

We have moved into our RV full time!  But I have to tell you that it has been an incredibly stressful week.  We have been working non-stop trying to load the RV and get rid of anything personal in the house.

moving into our rv

I didn’t realize what pack rats we are until I started going through drawers.  I lost count of how many bags of trash we threw away, how many bags we had to have shredded, how much stuff was donated to the Kidney foundation, how much crap we gave away.  And we still have a house full of stuff!  Ugggghhh!!

Loading the RV turned out to be a non-issue.  We had a whole lot more room than we had thought.  Which was quite helpful as Dave originally told me that I had to keep the craft supplies down to 8 boxes – and I ended up filling up 12.

driving rv

People keep asking us if we are excited and I think we are just too tired at the moment for everything to fully register.  You take two out of shape individuals and have them do physical labor for a week and you end up with two exhausted, irritable, and over stressed crazy people who at some point would lose their heads if they weren’t attached.

jellystone campground bremen Georgia5

By the end of the week, we had parked on site at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground.  Our RV was a huge mess.  We were crawling over boxes to get anywhere because at some point, we just started throwing stuff onto the RV.

We woke up  the first morning and the only personal care items we could find were a tube of toothpaste and my tooth brush.


We both hoped that deodorant lasts more than one day, and I made a mental note to buy myself a new toothbrush next week.

The dogs lucked out though.  I couldn’t find the dog food, and they ended up having ham for dinner.

They were thrilled.

Are you moving soon?

Check out U-Pack and take the stress out of moving!

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