You are my Sunshine Crochet Pattern!

When I found out that I was going to be a grandma, I immediately began a search for baby patterns.  All these years with no tiny people to make things for, and suddenly I have a reason to create!  The first thing on my list was a baby blanket.  With that in mind, I perused one of my favorite sites, Ravelry, for a unique and sweet baby blanket crochet pattern.

Ravelry is a great source for both free and paid crochet and knitting patterns.  Membership on the site if free of charge and I love the forums and groups of like minded people who love to knit and crochet like I do.  It was there that I found the pattern that I loved.

This sweet crocheted blanket pattern is called Sunshine and was created by Jody Pyott.  You can find the link to the pattern here: Sunshine Crochet Blanket Pattern from Jody Pyott.  This is a surprisingly simple crochet pattern.

Sitcom 2 step option

The entire blanket requires only three crochet stitches – chain stitch, single crochet and the popcorn stitch. The pattern includes row by row written instructions, a chart, a list of materials and the yarn amounts needed for a finished blanket approximately 48” x 55”.

The secondary stitch, or the one that makes up the raised pattern is called the popcorn stitch.  Surprisingly simple, it is made up of a group of single crochets.  You can find a good video tutorial here: Crochet Popcorn Stitch.

Back when my daughter found out that she was pregnant, she told me that the colors of the nursery were turquoise, gray and yellow.  I went to the store and bought a fair share of all those colors.  And then she changed the colors about a month later.

Too late.

But you know what?  This will still work.  A little turquoise never hurt anyone, I always say.  And one of the many things I love about this sweet pattern is the possible color combinations!  Check out some of the beautiful finished projects of this pattern!

A few industrious crocheters made some adjustments to the pattern:

Stop by Ravelry and check out some of the great patterns there!  I even have a few patterns of my own there.  You can find my designer page here: Suzy’s Sitcom on Ravelry.

Sitcom 2 step option

As for the yellow and turquoise Sunshine blanket, well it looks great in her pink and gray room.

And little Esme loves it too!

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Create something amazing and be sure to share it with us!  I’d love to see what you come up with!

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