DIY Home Decor: A Fabric Headboard on a Budget!

An upholstered headboard adds height, style and comfort to your bedroom.  But they can be rather expensive!  As a young mother, my daughter doesn’t have a ton of money to spare, but wanted to make something nice for her bedroom.  She came up with a great way to create a fabric headboard on a budget!

She chose teals and grays for her color scheme. Paired with flowy curtains, unique lamps, and pops of color, her bedroom came together beautifully. The centerpiece is her beautiful, easy to make, handmade upholstered headboard!

This post also includes more budget friendly home improvement ideas!  So be sure to page to the bottom for lots of inspiration!

I’m SO excited to be guest posting over at Kenarry: Ideas for the Home today sharing all of the instructions for this project!  You can find the full details and lots of photos of this beautiful Fabric Headboard HERE!

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