Create Unique Art with Beans!

New ideas come to me in the craziest places.   I was grocery shopping the other day and stopped short in the bean aisle.  An idea came to mind and I started adding bags of beans to my cart.  The hubby wanted to know if I planned on making soup. Ummm….no.  I’m thinking crafts!  He shrugged and moved on.  He knows me well enough to know that I’m pretty unpredictable.

After all, nobody is allowed to throw away TP tubes or pickle jars in my house.  So it isn’t a stretch to create art with beans.

creating art with beansI put together these two cool pieces of wall art that are sure to catch the eye.  In fact, I think they will go perfectly in my kitchen!  Want to know how to make this cute Coffee and Tea wall art with beans?
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For this project I used:

Black Beans
White beans
White glue
Acrylic Paint in black
(2 ea.) 9 x 12 canvases
Clear Acrylic Sealant

creating art with beansBegin by drawing out your silhouettes.  I drew a coffee cup and the work “Coffee” on one canvas.  Just the outline is all you need, and if it is easier, you could use a stencil to make the lettering.  Just remember that the beans are about 1/4″ wide.

Sitcom 2 step option

creating art with beansOn the other canvas, I drew an outline of a teapot and the word “Tea”.

creating art with beansPaint everything that is going to be covered with black beans with the black acrylic paint.  You do this so that when the beans are placed, the white canvas will not show around the edges of the beans.

creating art with beans
Now the fun part.  Add glue to a small section of the black, and start placing the beans.  Cover all your black areas with black beans, adding glue as you go.

Sitcom 2 step option
creating art with beans
creating art with beansAllow the one canvas to dry and fill in the black beans on the second canvas.

creating art with beansFinish both canvases by filling in the white areas with white beans.  Use black acrylic paint to paint the edges of the canvas to give it a finished look, and then be sure to coat the entire project in clear acrylic sealant.

creating art with beansAnd there you have it!  I love the texture of this piece!  I’m actually thinking about a more detailed project using some of the other colored beans….

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