DIY Wall Art with Stencils!

I have been working on my new Disney Themed Room using Disney Paint and will be doing the final reveal next week. Included in that room is a DIY Canvas Wall Art project.  I made my own stencils for this project and I will show you how!

stenciled wall art flowers

The room is Disney Fairy themed, and I had already given one wall a coat of Enchanted Violet Disney Paint as a focus wall to go along with the pale green paint on the other walls.  I then painted butterflies, flowers and a Fairy using Disney’s Ready, Set, Glow! glow in the dark paint.  Now I want to add pops of color throughout the room.  I decided to create a large piece of colorful wall art using stencils.

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For this project I used:

One sheet of blank stencil
(8 ea.) 8 x 10 inch canvases
Flower Stencil Pattern (click for easy download)
Craft Knife
Acrylic Paints in Lavender, Lime Green, Hot Pink, and Bright Yellow
Sponge Brush for stenciling
Painters Tape (for ease of hanging)
Adhesive Picture Hanging Strips

stenciled flower wall art

stenciled flower wall art

Begin by choosing four bright colors of acrylic paint.  For this project I chose: Lavender, Lime Green, Hot Pink and Bright Yellow.  Paint all eight canvas, two of each color.  It may take a couple of coats.

stenciled flower wall art

The stencil section of the craft store also carries stencil sheets.  This semi-clear plastic sheet can be put over top of  the flower pattern and the design traced onto the sheet.

stenciled flower wall art

Use a craft knife to carefully cut out the design.

stenciled flower wall art

Use a couple pieces of painters tape to temporarily tape the stencil down onto a canvas.  Use a contrasting color to paint in the flower.  Dip the sponge brush into the paint, wipe it briefly on a paper towel to dry the brush a bit and then pounce it onto the canvas and stencil, coloring in the flower design.

stenciled flower wall art

Peel off the stencil, and you have a completed flower!

stenciled wall art flowers

Stencil the flower on all the canvases, using contrasting colors.  Be sure to mix it up so that no two canvases are alike!  Your stencil can be stored to be used again on other projects.

stenciled wall art flowersstenciled wall art flowers

An easy way to hang this group of canvases evenly is to use painters tape to mark your wall.  Decide where you want the bottom of the canvases to fall, then place a piece of painters tape on the wall horizontally, using a level to be sure that it is straight.  I wanted my canvases 1 inch apart.  I measured and placed an additional piece of painters tape 11″ above the other piece of tape.  That allows for the 10″ canvas plus an inch in between.

stenciled wall art flowersstenciled wall art flowers

Mark the painters tape with 1″ in between each 8″ wide canvas.  Apply picture hanging strips to the back of each canvas and place them onto the wall using the measurements that are drawn onto the tape.

stenciled wall art flowers

Remove the painters tape, and you have a large flowery work of art!

And I didn’t stop there!  To complete the theme, I created some stenciled pillow!  You can find the full tutorial here!

diy stenciled flower pillows

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  • Jean Sikute July 30, 2017, 7:31 pm

    Am very excited to see your lovely and hopefully easy ideas to make something beautiful. Was
    especially happy to see some painting classes on line through your website also! Thank you!
    Jean Sikute

  • Kathleen June 13, 2015, 8:44 pm

    Those stencils look quite simple yet so effective on the wall. I love what the color brings to the room. Thanks for bringing your bright ideas to #HomeMattersParty

  • Donna Wirthlin June 10, 2015, 3:23 pm

    I just pinned this–love those colors you chose. Reminds me of the time I painted my daughters’ room shades of lavender and lime green 🙂

  • malia May 7, 2013, 12:27 am

    It’s all cute Suzy! Great stencils! Awesome room!

  • jet May 5, 2013, 7:28 am

    Like your bright flowers and so simple idea to make a working
    Sadly i have less walls in my new home. And the few i have, aren’t to use.
    Inside there are chimneys. Some friends had tried for my to make holes in them, but they aren’t to use.
    I musty find an other clever idea.
    I like this very much. Well done.
    have a great fun weekend;-D

  • I love these flower stencils, and how they turned out too! Can’t wait to see the final reveal of this bedroom! 🙂

  • Paula May 3, 2013, 11:40 am

    love what you’ve done so fr with the room, lovely flowers and there colors are cheerful !!!!

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