Summer Jewels Beginner Quilt Pattern Series- Lesson Four

Want to learn how to make a beautiful quilt? This simple quilt pattern is easy enough for beginners! What an amazing gift! This is lesson number four: How to Bind the Edges of your Quilt. You can also refer to lesson number one: Cutting and Piecing the Quilt Blocks, lesson number two: Sewing the quilt top together and lesson number three: How to Machine Quilt your Project.

beginning quilting tutorial and free pattern

Summer Jewels Quilt

Lesson 4- Binding the Edges

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We are on our final step in completing this simple, but beautiful quilt.  Made out of a Jelly Roll of fabric, this quilt is both fun and inexpensive to complete!

Use (4 ea.) 2” wide strips of fabric for your binding. Binding is the rolled finished edge of a quilt.  There are many ways to bind a quilt, but this is one way that I discovered that is simple and easy to do.  Begin by trimming the edges of the backing and batting so that they are not more than one inch wider than the quilt top all around.  Place one of your strips of fabric along the edge of the top of the quilt, right sides together.

Sew 1/4″ seam the length of the strip onto the quilt top through all three layers matching the edge of your 2″ wide strip to the edge of the quilt top (right sides together). Repeat with the strips on the other three sides, being sure to fold the last strip out as you go so that all right sides are together.

To sew the binding to the back, start in the center of one side and fold the binding over to the back of the quilt, rolling under about ¼”.

Hand sew the binding down along the sewing machine seam line for the front of the binding.  (I used a white thread so that you can see it better, but a thread that matches the backing would be better).

To go around a corner, fold the binding on the upcoming edge at 90 degrees, then fold it over, turning under ¼”.  Sew into place.

And your lap quilt is complete!

I hope you enjoyed this series.  Let me know if you would like to see more of them!

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