I wondered why there was dog hair in my keyboard…

This is not a sponsored post.  I just love crazy doggie things…

My sister-in-law has a golden retriever named Jessie who has a tendancy to be rather rambunctious. The dog has no qualms about eating everything in their backyard including bushes, lawn furniture and pool supplies. She also seems to be an escape artist as she often can be found waiting for them to come home from work- from the wrong side of the gate.

So in an effort to keep an eye on her, my sister-in-law ordered the “Pets Eye View“. This interesting invention is a camera collar that takes photos during the day and sends them directly to your computer so that at any given time, you can check on the dog’s activities.

My first thought, knowing my dogs, is that you are going to get plenty of pictures of butts. My dogs are very enamored by their own and any other dog’s butt, but maybe that is just them.

It did occur to me that my youngest dog, Ralph, is rather rambuctious too. Maybe I should look into getting a camera collar for him. So out of curiousity, I looked at the website. You would be amazed at the stuff out there. There is something for everyone.

How about a Bark4Beer collar? A collar that includes a beer bottle opener. How many times have you been sitting there wishing you could open your beer without having to get up from your lazyboy? Now all you have to do is call the dog. If you could just teach him how to open the fridge and bring the beer to you, you would never miss a moment of “Toddlers and Tiaras”.


Puppy Tweets is a Twitter-enabled dog collar that randomly generates one of 500 canned tweets when it detects barking or movement and automatically posts an update to your dog’s twitter page. Yeah, I said it. The dog seems to have a twitter page. Even I don’t have a twitter page.


What about a doggy pedometer? Perfect for keeping track of how many steps it takes to chase the mailman…

So I went ahead and forked out the money on the camera collar. Curiosity totally got the better of me. What the heck does Ralph do while I’m away? Is his life more exciting than mine? Does he roll out the keg and invite all his buddys over while we are away for poker parties and dance-athons? Does he have a buddy with a Bark4Beer collar to make things easier?

I really have the need to know…

I attached the collar and then went to work, fully expecting to be rewarded with a series of photos of butts, dog dishes, doggy beds, and maybe the occasional shot of the mailman as he gets barked at. Boy was I surprised… 

The first few photos were innocent enough. Here he seems to be looking out the front door. Maybe wishing he was with me. How sweet.

He managed to get a shot of Faith and a shot of Sandy. Keeping an eye on him, I’m thinking. Everyone seems to be well behaved. I am so proud of them.

About mid morning, the daughter must of gotten up, because suddenly I have photos of her breakfast. Mmmm… the joys of being young and thin, with an endlessly fast metabolism. Makes my bowl of whole grain oatmeal look a bit unappetizing.

And apparently, she is a push-over. She keeps that up and Ralph will be needing that pedometer. 

Oh, wait! What is this?? Well what do you know, the dog does know how to open the fridge. Consider the possibilities. If he can open the fridge, maybe he can cook? 

Ralphie is a little bit smarter than I thought… 

Wait a minute!! What the heck is he doing on my computer? Checking his twitter page? 

 Okay, this is getting ridiculous now…

Hey, where is he going?? 

I am totally disappointed in him now. Such a sweet innocent face and look where he goes! And where the heck did he get an American Express card? Ralph and I are having a talk when I get home. Credit cards are just trouble looking for a place to happen.

In answer to your obvious question, yeah, I need to get a life. Ha!

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