The day we were nearly famous…

Commercial Break Thursday has been postponed until next week.  I’m preparing to go out of town for the blogging convention called SNAP.  And then the day job required that I get some stuff done before I go.

Demanding, aren’t they? Ha!  Anyway, thought I would give you this post in place of today’s scheduled post…

running for exercise

Originally posted on The Sitcom- August 1, 2010

Along with quite a bit of the rest of the country, we are wilting from a major heat wave in Atlanta.  Of course, Atlanta is always hot in the summer.  I’m thinking that I ought to get used to it, but I’ve lived here 20 years and it still stifles me.  Last summer, my sister and I were training for the Disney Everest Challenge during the heat of the summer and I wrote the following post:

So there is this million dollar subdivision across the way from where my sister lives. We’ve been watching them build it for several years now and occasionally go over to ooh and ahh over the fancyness. It was featured in the Atlanta Tour of Homes last year and we got the opportunity to go into some of them and revel in the plush carpeting, high ceilings, in-home theatres, muralled walls, saunas, and fancy swimming pools.

Unfortunately for the builders of this subdivision, they were unable to predict the recent crash of the housing market and the vast majority of those elite houses are still sitting vacant.

Apparently the presence of so many beautiful empty homes attracted Hollywood. So recently there has been a flurry of activity over there as production is underway for the movie “Killers“, starring Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl and Tom Selleck.

When it was announced, you could hear the pre-teens screaming for miles. What they see in Mr. Kutcher, I just don’t quite get. And while I’m actually the same age as his wife, I tend to like a more mature kind of guy. You know, one that doesn’t look and act like a teenager. Like, oh let’s say…Tom Selleck. He and his mustache are both extremely attractive.

I’ve been a fan of him throughout his Magnum PI years and stayed loyal even through the dark years when he was just Tom Selleck and no ‘stache. The possibility of seeing that famous mustache in person was very appealing- oh and Tom too.

running for exercise

So my sister and I opted to do our training run through the subdivision. Who knew what we would see? At least the run would be interesting. Anything to keep our minds off of the incredibly muggy 95 degree heat, our burning lungs, our screaming muscles and our exhausted feet. Really, we love running. Really we do. Ha!

We made our way through the neighborhood at a pretty decent jog, nodding at the local county police who were stationed periodically at corners. Which seems to be a cushy job from my point of view as they congregated in little groups, waving us on and wiping donut crumbs off the corners of their mouths.

We made our way up to the first movie set, a carnival set up in the street, ferris wheel and all. It was at that point that Tom Selleck himself stepped out of his trailer, script in hand, mustache combed to a fine sheen. He looked up at us as we sprinted by, our sinewy muscles glistening in the sun.

We noticed that he summoned his assistant and next thing we know, the poor fellow is running next to us asking us to stop for a moment. We were a bit hesitant as it is hard to get back in pace once you stop, but out of good ‘ole southern hospitality, we agreed to stop for a few moments to hear what he had to say.

Apparently, Tom was looking for someone to be a stand-in for Katherine Heigl and my tall, blonde haired sister was a shoe-in for the part. And he wanted to know if I would be interested in taking on the role of his love interest because Catherine Zeta Jones had a previous commitment and my bone structure would look lovely on the screen.

Okay, I made up that last bit. But it could have happened. Ha!

Turned out our timing wasn’t the best and we missed the stars by about a half hour. By the time we made it into the movie set, we were total panting sweat bags and anyone coming across us would have probably backed away slowly. We considered having one of us pretend to pass out in hopes that Mr. Selleck would leap to our rescue and give mouth-to-mouth, but then thought better of it.

yo baby

He would probably send his big ‘ole hairy assistant out to handle the resuscitation with orders to get those two sweaty chicks off his movie set so that he and his mustache can film in peace.

We had a good run, though. And on Wednesday night, we ran our first 5K and did it in 38.5 minutes. We are very pleased with ourselves. Now we just have to work on picking up the speed a bit. Which would be way easier if people didn’t keep stopping us and asking us if we are Katherine Heigl and Catherine Zeta Jones. It’s a curse, I tell you!

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