The Cat Who Loves Reality TV

This post brought to you by Sam’s Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

My daughter and her husband went down to Florida for the holiday weekend, which leaves me here babysitting her dog, Harley, and her cat, Charlie. Fortunately, my daughter bought the NEW Glade Tidy Cats® at Sam’s Club.  The combination of Tidy Cats® and Glade™ is supposed to help fight all litter box issues, leaving me to just checking to make sure he has water and hasn’t gone through all his food. Because of my allergies, I really know nothing about cats and their ways, and was very glad not to have to handle dealing with stinky cat litter.

On the other hand, I know lots about dogs. Her dog Harley is an odd sort, a mixed breed- short legged and solid. My mission is to go to their house twice a day, take Harley for a short walk to do his “business” and feed him and check his water.

So on the first day, I went into her basement and there sat Harley behind a doggy gate in a little room that they had made up for him, his tail wagging. They had set up the room with numerous bean bag chairs, stuffed animals, rawhide bones and doggie toys. In one corner were two feeders, one filled with dry dog food and one with water. A low table stood in the back of the room with a television on it, tuned to Animal Planet. On the low table was also a framed photo of my daughters husband holding Harley. I had to laugh.

My daughter had put the cat litter box on the floor in the basement, giving the cat the full run of the house.  This looked like it was going to be an easy task. Or so I thought.

Next day, I  walked into the basement- no Harley. The gate was still up and dry dog food is scattered across the floor. I find him upstairs sitting on the couch smiling at me, sitting next to the surly looking cat.  Apparently, he can jump the gate. I put the gate back up and drag two of her dining room chairs down to discourage him from jumping it. I notice that the TV is playing the latest episode of the Kardashians…yep, I probably would have jumped the gate too. Ha!

That evening, the chairs have been moved and Harley is back up on the couch. Both animals are smiling at me now. I’m beginning to think that cat is involved. So this time, I put the gate just over the bottom step of the stairway going upstairs. The cat came down and watched me as I moved things around. He seemed to be gloating.

The next morning, the dog is where he’s supposed to be. I breathe a sigh of relief. Dry dog food is now scattered across the basement. I’m crunching as I walk. I notice that the television is now on an episode of Honey Boo Boo. The remote was sitting on top of the TV along with two very cat-like paw prints.  I turn around to find the cat sitting there watching me. That cat is conspiring against the dog! He made poor Harley go all day with no Animal Planet!

I confiscated the remote. The cat huffed and went back upstairs.

I’m wise to the conspirator now. I plied the cat this morning with a dog biscuit. He stuck his nose in the air and walked off. When he thought I wasn’t looking, he came back and got it. He’s not so tough.

After the cat and I came to an agreement, the job went smoothly.  I was glad that the NEW Glade™ Tidy Cats® kept the litter box smelling good, leaving care of the cat very minimal.  But he is CREEPY, I tell you! I’m not brave enough to go upstairs into his lair and check for damages. I have a suspicion that I will find empty wine bottles and cheese trays from all his cat poker parties.

I just better not get blamed for any pay per view.

Got a cat to watch?  Be sure to pick up some Glade Tidy Cats at your local Sam’s Club.  It makes the job that much easier!