All I hear is blah..blah…blah…

Another day at Suzy’s Sitcom!  And as usual, things are a bit crazy here.  Sometimes I think my brain must look like a hoarder’s house, full of leftover beads, styrofoam, clutter, and sprinkles of glitter.  So full of clutter, in fact, that sometimes other information just doesn’t have a place to perch.  Such as one of my bad habits…tuning things out when it really would be to my best interest to pay attention sometimes

boring meeting

I had to sit through a three hour meeting yesterday and it just about killed me. I’m a crafty maniac by night, but by day, I’m an Executive Assistant in a large downtown company.  Gotta make a living somehow…Anyway, my issue with long meetings is that I have about an hour long attention span. Sitting and listening to project plans for the next fiscal year in a dim room without good access to coffee is a recipe for disaster. After the first few presentations, it gets rather old very quickly.

I’ve always had the problem of “drifting off” when subject matters become dry to me. I’m a right brain thinker. I deal with mostly a creative point of view. Colors and design interest me. Marketing is right up my alley. But start throwing numbers at me and talking bottom line, budgets and percentages, my brain starts to fossilize and it takes me no time at all to start drifting.

ralph dog and his underbite

Now, I’ve perfected the looking interested, direct eye contact type pose, perched upright in my chair while nodding appreciatively at the right moments.

In my head though, all I hear is blah, blah, blah.

Hmmm… wonder what the cafeteria is making for lunch? Yesterday it was that crappy chicken and rice stuff, spanish rice I think. I despise spanish rice. It would be cool if they had grilled chicken today. I need to up that protein. The scale is sucking. I need to up the water too. Maybe next bathroom break I can grab another water bottle.

Wish they’d have a bathroom break. Wow, he really can talk. That Boston accent is pretty cool.

Hmm.. I’m liking this pen. It writes pretty smooth. I ought to invest in a few more. Can’t ever have enough pens.

Hmmm… what to make out of those shells from the beach?  I’m thinking something summery, fun and maybe with paper mache…  I should draw it out.

faith dog watching me craft

Wonder if it quit raining yet. I think I’ll try to walk this evening.

OMG, did he just say “we’ll be able to pick the low-hanging fruit?” Who says that? Blah, blah, blah….

This bad habit of mine has gotten me in trouble before. Once when I was at work, my youngest daughter called to let me know she was home from school. You have to understand, when my youngest learned to talk, she never quit. My ear will get numb just listening. So after the first few moments of “How did your day go?” and “Do you have homework?”, I started drifting off as she blah, blah, blahhed.

I worked while she talked and offered an occasional “mmhmm” and “okay” until she finally talked herself out and we finished the call. About an hour later, the neighbor calls me to inform me that my daughter and her friends were toilet papering my yard and did I know about it?

So, I call the house and finally get hold of her and ask what the heck was she doing? She said that she had told me that she saw a house that had been toilet papered on the way home from school and had thought it looked pretty neat. She had asked me if she could do that to our house and I had said okay.

Well, just great. I most likely gave her permission. That was a bit hard to explain to my husband when he came home and found his prized, freshly manicured yard engulfed in Charmin.

official member of the clown gang

So I’ve been working on this issue and try my best to snap myself out of it when I feel the drifting coming on. My boss who was sitting right next to me might have the same issue as he had some wonderful doodlings on his pad and occasionally rolled his eyes at me when long winded-ness set in.

Wonder if he was creating craft projects in his brain too?

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