4 Great Projects from Recycled Toilet Paper Tubes!

Have you been collecting recycled toilet paper tubes to use for a cool winter project?  No?  Well, start collecting now.  The Sitcom offers four great DIY crafts and instructions for creating amazing things out of those formerly unappreciated pieces of tubular cardboard.

creating with recycled toilet paper tubes

Here at chez Sitcom, the hubby knows better than to throw away a paper towel tube, toilet paper tube, or salad dressing bottle.  Everything has potential, I always say!  I like to specialize in creating beautiful things from what some might consider as trash.

faux metal wall art created from recycled tp tubes

Looks like wrought iron doesn’t it?  These metal-looking decorative squares are created from toilet paper tubes quilled inside a balsa wood frame.  You can find a full tutorial and free patterns here- Faux Metal Wall Art.

faux brass wall clock created from recycled toilet paper tubes

Simple coils and a couple coats of brass spray paint creates a brass looking elaborate wall clock.  You can find the full tutorial here : Faux Brass Wall Clock.

Using dollar store frames and toilet paper tubes, create the look of metal filigree.  What a beautiful way to show off a group of photos! You can find the full tutorial here: Faux Metal Filigree Frame.

faux iron gate created from recycled toilet paper tubes

And finally, create the look of a fancy rusted gate using toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes and textured brown metallic spray paint.  A very cool looking piece of wall art!  You can find the full tutorial here: Faux Iron Gate Wall Art.

Four great projects that you would never know started out as a lowly toilet paper tube!  So start collecting!

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