How to shop for the holidays and avoid the crazies!

This post brought to you by Rakuten Global Market. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m not a fan of crowded places.  But I needed more hot glue sticks for my latest Christmas project.  Turns out gluing rotini pasta to styrofoam uses up tons of hot glue.  So, against my better judgement, I found myself in the local retail store standing in line.  I never could understand why these stores have 30 cash registers and only 3 of them are ever open.

Just when I thought there might be light in the horizon, the lady in front of me cannot locate her money.  She is digging through her purse and muttering to herself while the cashier and I look on.  It was at this point that the lady standing in line behind me totally lost her mind.

“Oh no she didn’t!” she yelled.  And then when she got no reaction, she pushed herself around me so that she could yell directly at the woman.  “You are holding up the line!  I can’t believe you can’t find your money!  You are an idiot!”

The cashier and I both stood there with our mouths open.  It suddenly occurred to me that I might end up in the middle of a ridiculous example of major waiting -in-line-rage.  My luck?  My face would get in the way of an errant fist.  And next thing I’d know, I’d get sued for hurting somebody’s fist with my face.

Fortunately for all of us, the woman found her money right about that moment.  Ignoring the crazy lady, she paid for her stuff and quickly left.  Crazy lady, who seemed a bit bummed about the lack of a good fight, eyed me suspiciously and then got back behind me in line.

I made a mental note to stock up on hot glue to avoid these types of situations.


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Shopping at Rakuten, Inc. can totally keep you out of retail stores and potential harms way!

Becoming a member is an easy sign up procedure.  Members not only can take advantage of great pricing, but earn points with each purchase to use towards a future purchase.  The site is available in 5 languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese), and Rakuten Global Market ships to more than 200 countries.

And what can you find at Rakuten?

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And these are just a few items to get you started!  Be sure to Explore Rakuten Global Market and give them a try, maybe even get in some holiday shopping while you are at it!  

Rakuten is the perfect solution to avoid the potential craziness in the shopping malls!  And what could be easier than shopping from your recliner?

What is the craziest thing to happen to you while shopping?