Shelf Revamp Before and After with Shape Tape™!

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love color.  I try to surround myself with it in all my projects.  My workroom has always been a very colorful, inspiring room.  But we recently put in new beige carpeting in the upstairs and painted the walls a very neutral color in order to get the house ready for sale.  That, mixed with my very beige colored bookshelf created a very blah workroom.  How can I spice it up?

I recently discovered FrogTape’s Shape Tape which is a cool painters tape that you can use to create sharp, neat patterns with paint.  I decided to try my hand at spiffing up my bland bookcase.

shelf revamp with shaped frog tape

Well, there it is in all it’s glory.  This little bookcase is made out of cheap fiberboard and really isn’t much to talk about.  But over the years it has nicely held my vintage craft magazine collection, never complaining when I add just one more magazine to it’s already bulging collection.  I estimate that it is holding at least 300 lbs. of magazines right now.  And not a single complaint!

I think it is time for a makeover!

shelf revamp with shaped frog tape

FrogTape® Shape Tape™ is great for painting sharp, interesting shapes.  They offer three patterns to choose from: Chevron, Wave and Scallop.  The cool thing about Shape Tape™ is that it is treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology, a super absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels and seals the edges of the tape, which helps prevent paint bleed.

So lets make this shelf a beauty!

shelf revamp with shaped frog tape

I began by painting the entire shelf with a pretty periwinkle blue.  I seriously should have taken the shelf to the garage to paint, but it weighs a ton.  Press board is heavy!  I had no choice but to do it upstairs and take a chance of getting paint on the new carpet.  Totally a divorce waiting to happen kind of deal.  Ha!  Fortunately, I had no accidents.

shelf revamp with shaped frog tape

Now for the fun part!  Apply the  Shape Tape™ in any pattern or direction that you would like.  I chose to create a diamond pattern with my Chevron shaped tape.  The tape has an adhesive backing that allows you to peel back one half side of the tape, position and then when you have it where you’d like it to be, you peel off the other half.

shelf revamp with shaped frog tape

Then simply use a credit card or flat edge to help seal the tape to the project.

shelf revamp with shaped frog tape

Here my pattern starts to show.  Just keep in mind that the areas with tape will remain blue and the sections that you leave open will be a different color.

shelf revamp with shaped frog tape

Here the side of the shelf is now completely covered in Shape Tape™.  We are now ready to paint!  I chose white for my contrasting color.  Simply paint white over the entire side of the shelf, and then before the paint has dried, remove the tape! So easy!

shelf remodel

And look at those clean lines!  Very little touch up is needed!  This tape made this whole project so simple.

shelf revamp with shaped frog tape

 Very cool!  The pattern will look awesome with the rest of my room!

shelf revamp with shaped frog tape

 This little shelf has some character now!  Something it totally deserves after all the work it has done for me!

shelf remodel after photo

I put as many of my vintage craft magazines as I could back into my cardboard covers and re-arranged them a bit.  The least I could do was neaten up the place while I was at it.  The rest of the magazines will have to find a new home.  I’m eyeballing another shelf across the room…

shelf remodel before and after

I love my new colorful shelf!  I’m a firm believer that if you surround yourself with amazing colors and patterns that it promotes creativity.  And that is what my work room is for!

Want to redo a room or update some of your furniture?  Shape Tape™ is available at participating Lowes and Walmart locations, and all Menards stores across the United States.

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