15 Things we learned at the Family Reunion!

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We are currently headed down to Florida for our winter job in St. Petersburg.  As full time travelers living in our RV, you have to go where the weather is not so extreme.  Those RVs are just not made for snow and frigid weather.

With that said, we felt the need to take a short break on the way down and visit my favorite place in the world, Tybee Island, GA.  We have been going here for years for family vacations.  In fact, just a few years ago, we had the big family reunion here!

tybee island pier georgia

 I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a family reunion, but they definitely are memory makers.  Getting so many different individuals together in one place will often result in drama, chaos and maybe even mayhem.  But years later, you just remember the humorous side of it.

tybee island pier georgia

So as we sat on the beach and practiced creating selfies that didn’t contain all face and no background (as you can see, we still need some practice), we reminisced about our family reunion on Tybee. All that fun, all that togetherness, all that close confinement…

15 Things we learned at our last family reunion!

15 things we learned at the family reunion

1- Be sure to rent a house that has plenty of bedrooms.  More bedrooms mean more privacy and less drama.  Of course, one bedroom will be much larger than the rest.  In fact it had a full sitting room, private balcony, private entrance to the pool, huge bathroom with Jacuzzi tub, multiple sinks, makeup table, an ultra large walk-in closet with seating for those that need to sit while they pick out their clothes, and a massage table and personal masseuse.

2- The folks that luck out and get the fabulousness of the master bedroom should be prepared to be unmercifully teased.  Because the rest of us have been relegated to glorified closets with bunk beds and blow-up mattresses.  And we are jealous.  And that is just the way we roll.  (My brother and sister-in-law ended up with the master).

tybee island pier georgia

3- Renting golf carts and mopeds from a renter that clearly has no maintenance department may not be the best idea.  Unless of course, they are willing to give you massive discounts because they can only locate two vehicles on their entire lot that actually work.

4- Be sure to put an old tarp under your rentals when they sit overnight to catch the massive amount of oil that is leaking out of said vehicles.

15 things we learned at the family reunion

5- A bunch of men in one place?  Be prepared for lots of climbing of things that shouldn’t be climbed, eating of things that shouldn’t be eaten, messing with things that shouldn’t be messed with, general craziness and even the occasional collection of bug carcasses where you least expect them.

crab shack tybee island

6- An eating competition at the local seafood restaurant, while seeming to be a good idea at the time can result in the later consumption of many bottles of pepto in the middle of the night.

7- Taking all your current craft projects with you may not result in completing said projects.  In fact, those projects may never see the light of day.  Of course knitting on the beach can result in sandy balls.

8- Yarn balls!  Get your mind out of the gutter!

tybee island pier georgia

9- Climbing to the top of the lighthouse + wind = new hairdo.  Simple math.

10- Key lime pie and French Onion dip and chips do not go well together.  Requiring another case of Pepto in the middle of the night.

15 things we learned at the family reunion

11- Animal crackers make excellent poker chips.

12- Beer Pong is apparently the new drinking game that is the rage now.  It seems to entail filling up a bunch of cups in front of you on a table and your opponent tries to bounce a ping pong ball into one of them.  If he succeeds you have to drink it.  Me, well I think, ewww….dusty balls in my drink.

13- Sigh….Ping pong balls!  You perv!

14- Beer Pong can get you in trouble.  Sometime in the middle of the night, one confused family member got lost while trying to go to bed and ended up in the spacious master bedroom.  He pushed my sister-in-law aside, grabbed her pillow and made himself at home.  There was some discussion, where my brother pointed out the fact that he was on her side of the bed, so she should handle getting him out.   In the end, my brother had to escort him back to his room.  Of course, we will forever be adding on to this story and retelling it at future reunions.

Because that is what we do!

15- My brother and his wife learned to lock their door at night.  But the rest of us think that is just what you get for snagging the best room in the house.  Ha!

tybee island pier georgia

So, did you notice my new snazzy glasses?

I was having problems with glare on my old glasses and decided to do something about them.  It was getting where going outside required me to remove them in order to see.  And night time was even worse.

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