10 Easy steps to work toward your goals- a weight loss plan that just might work!

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I’m always a bit behind when it comes to my goals.  And apparently a little organization is the key. With that in mind, I put together a list of 10 easy steps to work towards your goals.  No matter if your goals are financial, social, or even weight loss, it seems that getting those goals down on paper where you can actually plan them out is the key to success.

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New Years resolutions are difficult to keep, but the great thing about them is it makes you strive to always better yourself.  And what could be wrong with that?  Let’s organize ourselves to start out on the right foot in the year 2016.  Here are 10 steps to get there by this time next year!

Step 1: Prioritize your Goals

What is most important to you in the coming year?  Is is financial freedom, love and marriage, family oriented goals?  A lot of folks have losing weight and getting healthier at the top of their list.  Last year my most important goal was to retire and live and travel in a RV.  Oh yes, losing weight was on my list too, but it came in at number two.  This year, I’ve made it number one.  It is important not to overload on New Years Resolutions.  Make it attainable!

What goals are most important to you?

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Step 2: Write it Down and be Specific!

Lee Iacocca once said,

“The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.”

So true! Commit to yourself by writing it down.  And be specific about it.  “I want to lose weight” is not specific enough.  Go into some details!  “I plan on following a certain eating and exercise plan starting on —-day.”  “I want to run a 5K by August 1”.  Or in my case, “I want to lose 20 pounds by May 1- when we arrive in Arizona”.

There I wrote it down.  Now it must be, right?

Step 3: Research your goals

Understanding better how others have reached the goals that you would like to attain can help you reach those goals faster.  Whatever your goal may be, there is sure to be someone out there that has already gotten there.  How did they do it?  Is it the right way for you? You know, Google knows everything.  Ask Google!  Someone out there has accomplished your goal and has written about it!

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Step 4: Create a Plan and Establish Mini-Goals

Identify a path to take.  Again, writing this down is the key.  Establish a time line and certain places throughout the year that you would like to accomplish certain tasks to attain your goal.  Create a blueprint and stick to it.  As you mark off each step on the way to your goal, you get a certain satisfaction of accomplishment. Breaking it down into steps make a large goal less overwhelming and gives you small specific things to aim for along the way.

Step 5: Take Action

Don’t put it off!  Procrastination is a terrible thing.  Today is the best day to start.  Putting off until there is a “better time” is a bad plan.  What if a better time never happens?  We are all getting older every day.  Why put off your dreams?  Evaluate what is stopping you from taking action.  Is it money or lack of time?  Work out how you can overcome these obstacles.  You can do it!


I have decided to put into action my plan on trying the new Turbo10 program from Nutrisystem.  Following the plan closely can result in losing up to 10 pounds and 5 inches in your first month!

Turbo10 is a four-week program that includes breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks delivered right to your door. I love the fact that it is so convenient!  You can even get all-new Turboshakes™ packed with protein plus probiotics to help support digestive health and bust belly bloat, and NutriCrush® shakes to help crush hunger.

10 easy steps to work toward your goals

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Step 6: Visualize your Goal and Believe in Yourself

You are awesome!  And really, you need to remember that.  Nobody in this entire world is like you!  My father always said that you can do anything you set your mind to.  If you know without a doubt that your goal can be accomplished, then there is nothing to stop you!  Confidence is so important.  Visualize yourself achieving your goal.  Put photos on the refrigerator to remind you of where you want to be. Keep your goals in front of you.

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Step 7: Share your Dreams

Start talking!  The more folks you share your goal with, the more you will feel committed toward that goal.  I found that this particular step helps me immensely with trying to lose weight.  If I establish a goal of starting my diet on a certain day and never tell anyone, it gives me “permission” to procrastinate.

Friends and family can offer you support and can actually help you achieve your goals faster.  The more folks that know about your goals, the better chance you have of running across someone with a similar dream who just might have a better plan to get there.  It’s called networking!  Anyone else out there wanting to lose weight and get healthier?

10 easy steps to work toward your goals

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Step 8: Arrange your Schedule

If you want something bad enough, you need to make time for it.  The most common excuse is not enough time.  But consider how much time you spend on things that are less important than your goal.  If it is important, then it needs to be made a priority.  Write down what is currently overloading your schedule and start making cuts.  Try getting up earlier, or using your lunch hours.  There is time to be found if you truly want to attain your goal.

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Step 9: Remember to be Flexible

Didn’t make that first mini-goal?  Don’t give up!  Don’t hate yourself!  Remember step number 6?  You are awesome! Sometimes life gets in the way and things happen that are beyond your control.  Make adjustments to your plan, but do not give it up!  Be prepared with a plan “B” or even a plan “C”.  If you want it bad enough, change directions if need be.

Step 10: Remember the “Why”

What does this goal mean to you?  Why is it so important?  How will it make you feel?  Write this down and put it somewhere where it will remind you.  Remember that it is all a mindset.  To achieve anything, you must want it!

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