A guest post from Suzy’s dog, Ralph!

Oh yay!  Mom is busy working and she said I could write the next post!  She’s busy making these weird looking chickens out of funny tasting vegetables.  I’m not sure why they are so popular.

They really taste terrible.

But anyway, mom and has asked me to talk to you about Feed The Friendship!  It is a cool site mom found on her phone to help her learn more about my background. You see, mom and dad adopted me years ago and never knew my parents.  She found some fun ways to find out more about me!

dog staring

Mom doesn’t know what type of dogs my parents were.  But she thinks I might be part pug, part beagle.

She calls me a Puggle.  Which I kind of like.

She also says I’m a good boy.  Which I like even better.

dog typing at the computer

And fortunately for mom, I’m a Puggle who types.  I mean, how many folks out there have a doggie that can help write a post?

I guess that makes me a Blogging-Puggle.  A rare breed, I’m sure!

Oh, Faith says “hi”.  According to mom and dad, Faith is a “Chug”.  Her mom is a Chihuahua, her dad is a pug.  She’s pretty proud of it.  Ever since mom put her in charge of guarding the Sitcom, she’s had a pretty big head.

Seriously.  You think I’m kidding?  Check out her Facebook profile…

faith facebook page

Anyway, lately mom and dad have been very curious as to who my actual parents are.

ralph with cone

And then last week happened.  Mom and Dad had to take me for emergency surgery.  Seems I had a blockage in my bladder that had to be removed.

The cone thing?

Very embarrassing.  The poodle across the street is still laughing.

Mom said it is about time we figure out who my parents are.  That way we can stay on top of health issues that might come up!

feed the friendship

Mom went to FeedtheFriendship.com and put in a photo of me.  And it says I’m a PuBullog!  Pug/English Bulldog and French Bulldog.  Who knew that I was European?

No wonder I like croissants!

Mom says:

Feed The Friendship is a mobile site developed to give people a fun way to engage with and learn more about their dog. All you need to do is take a picture of your dog, upload it to the site, and the site will do it’s best to guess the breed of the dog. It will even provide a fun back-story about your dog’s potential breed!

As a mixed breed dog owner, having access to reliable breed ancestry information can be critical for the nutrition, training and overall healthcare of my dogs. Understanding the breeds that make up our dogs enables much more targeted care and in some cases provides lifesaving information. 

Feed The Friendship is a fun site, and the history of the breed and your dog given on the site is not necessarily factual.  Just fun.

ralph question

So what breed am I?

feed the friendship2

Mom got a Feed the Friendship kit which includes a WISDOM PANEL® Canine DNA Test, free sample of CESAR® HOME DELIGHTS™ dog food, and a custom CESAR® placemat.

feed the friendship3

Yep.  Both Faith and I love that little can of CESAR® HOME DELIGHTS™ dog food.  And the cool placemat.

And did I mention it came with food?  I love food!

But my Mom wants you to know about the WISDOM PANEL® Canine DNA Test.

14 tips for traveling with your pet

Mom used a swab thing inside my cheek and sent off the sample.  Soon we will know who my doggie mom and dad are!  How cool is that?

Would you like a chance to win a Feed the Friendship Kit?

feed the friendship2

Just try out the FeedtheFriendship site on your phone!

As part of the Feed the Friendship site experience, from 1/25 to 2/19 users will be able to enter to win a free Feed the Friendship kit which includes a WISDOM PANEL® Canine DNA Test, free sample of CESAR® HOME DELIGHTS™ dog food, and a custom CESAR® placemat. (500) winners will be randomly selected once all entries are received.

All participants who try the Feed the Friendship site will be eligible to receive coupons for CESAR® HOME DELIGHTS™ and for a WISDOM PANEL® Canine DNA Test while supplies last!

Go to FeedtheFriendship.com on your phone now and follow the instructions to get the fun backstory on your dog’s background!  And you will have a chance to win your very own Feed the Friendship Kit!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.