How to make Miniature Ice Candles!

diy miniature ice candles

Then pour the remaining melted wax on top of the ice, filling the cup to the brim.

NOTE: Any remaining hot wax can be poured into a jar or container and later thrown out.  Do not pour hot wax down your drain unless you feel like having a visit from the plumber…

diy miniature ice candles

Allow the wax to set for about 30 minutes.  I set my cups in ice to speed up the setting time.

mini ice candle diy

To remove the candle from the cup, hold it over the sink and turn it upside down.  Water from the melted ice will drain out.  You will then need to push from the bottom of the cup to get the candle out.  Ice candles are unique because everywhere there was ice is now a little hole.  They are beautiful when lit because the taper in the middle is what will burn.  The light will shine through the holes of the candle.

diy miniature ice candles

Always sit these candles on a plate to burn as the melted wax from the taper will eventually find its way out.

diy miniature ice candles

They make wonderful gifts!  Wrap in tissue paper and put in a gift bag or just enjoy them on your windowsill!

ice candles diy tutorial

You can find my full tutorial for Ice Candles for Christmas where I used peel-away containers.  Either way, they make beautiful decorations.

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