DIY Gift Idea: Create Beautiful Cutting Boards with Resin

I have to tell you that working with resin is a new thing for me. I’ve seen it done over the years mainly on jewelry. After studying a bit about creating with resin, I decided to try my hand at pouring resin and adding color to create a beautiful marbled effect on cutting boards. This craft is perfect for holiday giving!

Resin is a picky substance. It prefers mild temperatures in order to cure, it must be mixed correctly for the finish to be perfect and allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. And most of all, it can be a messy task, requiring your concentration.

In this project, you can see a marbling effect with different colors of resin. You’ll be able to mix and pour resin on a cutting board and create a really stunning and unique gift idea in no time at all!

This post also includes more unique DIY gift Ideas!  So be sure to keep reading for lots of inspiration!

I’m SO excited to be guest posting over at Kenarry: Ideas for the Home today sharing all of the instructions for this project!  You can find the full details, and lots of photos of beautiful resin covered cutting boards HERE!

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