Feature Friday- Free patterns available on The Sitcom!

Over the past few years, I’ve done many tutorials on The Sitcom.   I have compiled all of them on my Tutorial Page for easy look-up.  And here are all my free patterns together in one spot for easy look-up!  Remember that most of my patterns are very versatile.  One pattern can be used for many projects.

Now you can simply find a pattern you like and decide what project you might like to do with it.  This list of free patterns will be increasing soon, so stay tuned to the Sitcom!

Download PDF file here: Country Rooster Pattern
Pattern used with the Faux Punched Tin Tutorial

Download PDF File for free printable here: Bath Bombs
Printable used for the Critter Bath Bombs Tutorial

Cut paper art free pattern potted plant Cut Paper Art Free Pattern- butterflies

Download PDF File for Free Pattern here: Potted Plant, and here: Butterflies
Patterns used for the Cut Paper Art Tutorial

These six tile PDF File patterns can be downloaded here: Faux Tin Tile Patterns
These patterns were used in the Faux Tin Tiles Tutorial

This PDF File Free Pattern can be downloaded here: Iris-Folding-Pattern
This pattern was used for the Colorful Book Covers Tutorial


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