October Features and Thank you’s



The month of October was another good growth month for the Sitcom.  Currently, the Sitcom has over 5000 followers in Google, Facebook, Twitter, and various feeds combined.  If you would like to take advantage of the momentum and draw some traffic your way over the holidays, consider advertising with the Sitcom.  Compared to other blogs this size, my rates are very reasonable and include at least one sponsor post every month. 
Tutorials that were featured in the month of October by other blogs included:



Witchy Poo Broom featured by All Free Holiday Crafts, and Crayon Batik featured by Ramona Hartley Art, and The Crafty Scientist.

My Popsicle Stick Bracelets were featured by Tupilandia, Blog de Cristina, and By Miekk.  Decorative soaps were featured by Apartment Therapy.
My Scented Orange Jack’OLanterns were featured by Un Idea Nelle Mani, One Pretty Thing, Someday Crafts, Crafty Little Rock Mamas, Homepodge, Colorado Casual, At Home with K, Io Ricreo, RHB Designs, and Rhinestone Beagle.

The Holiday Book was featured by CraftGawker and Quilled Starry Night was featured by Neatorama.

In October, I had a Mummy contest on the Sitcom, featuring Marvin the Mummy.  I asked folks to make their own Marvin and pose him for entries in the giveaway.  Be sure to check out the wonderful links!  A special mention goes to Stephonie Williams and her daughter who made a wonderful adventure-filled post starring Marvin that never made it to the links.  You can see it here.


Faux Metal Wall art was featured by Scribbles and Swirls, and Coisinhas da Familia, and my Candied Pumpkin seeds were featured by The Hive, and The Answer is Chocolate.

And finally, The Sitcom and my Ukrainian Eggs were featured by The Hive, and Discover Paper.
I want to thank all these fabulous websites for taking the time to feature my work.  Please take a few moments to visit some of them and see what they have going on!