DIY Wedding – Floral Centerpiece and Floating Candle Votives

This is part three of my DIY Wedding week!  I am putting together some peacock themed wedding decorations using a few items from the Bridal Collection by David Tutera!  I have shown you how to make Peacock Themed Soaps and Gift Boxes, and a Tealight Table Lamp with Bling.  Today, I’m going to show you how to put together a Floral Centerpiece and Floating Candle Votives.

diy wedding peacock theme

diy weding floating candle votives

Lets start with the Floating Candle Votives, made to match our peacock themed wedding.

For this project I used:

Floating white candle
8″ round glass bowl
Purple Satin Ribbon
Assorted Feathers
David Tutera Adhesive Rhinestones in Oval
David Tutera Rhinestone Droplet Pins
Purple Food Coloring
Hot Glue

diy wedding floating candle votive peacock themediy wedding floating candle votive peacock theme

These little floating votives are easy to put together.  Simply hot glue purple ribbon around the center of the bowl.  Place the self adhesive oval rhinestones about one inch apart on the outside rim of the bowl.  These will help catch the light from the candle!

I hot glued assorted feathers and a Rhinestone Droplet Pin on each side of the bowl so that it has no front or back and can be placed easily in the center of a table.  Final step is to fill the bowl about 3/4 full with water, add several drops of purple food coloring and float the candle in the water.  (If you do not have purple food coloring, you can add a drop of red and a couple drops of blue to create purple).

Floral Centerpiece

For this project I used:

Assorted silk flowers in blues, purples and whites.  I used orchids, iris, apple blossoms, purple daisies, lilac, and hydrangea.
12″ tall clear glass vase
David Tutera Hair Comb Silk and Feather Flower
David Tutera Bling on a Roll
David Tutera Light Strand with Silver Wire
David Tutera LED Lighted Branch
1/2 yard of white tulle
diy wedding floral centerpiece

Wrap the light strand with silver wire into the tulle and stuff into the vase, leaving the battery inside the vase at the top of the tulle.  Add the “bling on a roll” to the top and bottom of vase, attaching with dots of hot glue.

diy wedding floral centerpiece

Remove the feather flower from the hair comb.  Hot glue assorted feathers and the feather flower onto the front of the vase.

diy wedding peacock theme

Arrange the flowers in a triangular arrangement, with tallest in center and allowing some of the longer stemmed pieces to hang down almost to the tabletop.  Use a good mix of small and large silk flowers in purples, whites and blue.  Include the LED Lighted branch in the arrangement, placing the battery pack at the top of the tulle inside the vase, along with the battery pack for the wire strand.  The final arrangement should stand about 3 feet tall.

Stand back and light it up! Beautiful!

This is the third part of a series of posts this week.  So, stay tuned!  I will be posting the “big reveal” post on Friday!  Be sure to check out the earlier posts – DIY Wedding- Tea Light Table Lamps, and DIY Wedding- Peacock Themed Soap Gift Boxes.

The big reveal post can be found here! DIY Wedding- Peacock Theme Card Box

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