Happy Starts Here! The Sitcom Dogs take on ALPO® wet dog food…

This post brought to you by ALPO® Brand Dog Food . All opinions are 100% mine.

The nice folks at ALPO® heard a rumor that I might just have a few dogs here at the Sitcom.  Can’t imagine where they heard that from.  Ha!  Anyway, they would like my dogs to try ALPO® wet dog food, and give their opinion of the taste.

So I called a family meeting.  You see, they have been eating the same dog food for years.  Would they be willing to try something new?  After all, ALPO® wet dog food is full of wholesome grains and accents of vegetables and it is 100% complete and balanced, nutrition-wise.

I explained that it should help in creating a healthy shiny coat, strong bones and teeth…

And speaking of teeth, who the heck was the one that lunched on my diningroom table leg?

Faith?  Did you eat my dining room table leg?  No? Care to offer up the guilty party?  Bam and Lady?  I’ll ask…

Bam and Lady?  Which one of you ate that leg?  Don’t I feed you enough?  You seriously don’t need the extra fiber.  And frankly, I really liked that table leg!

Or was it Ralph?  Mr. guilty himself.  I think I just found the culprit.  No, you cannot go out.  We need to discuss your diet.

Over the next few months, we are going to switch dog food to ALPO® wet food mixed with ALPO® dry.  You see, the addition of wet food makes everyone happy.  You guys will be getting something particularly awesome, ALPO® wet is full of high-quality protein sources, essential vitamins and minerals.  They tell me that you start with quality, and you end up with happy dog.  And I hear it tastes pretty good too.

So are you guys game?

Maybe a certain “unnamed” dog, RALPH, who will be so happy, that he spends his day running around the back yard chasing squirrels and totally doesn’t have time to eat furniture?  One can only hope.

Check back and see how this new life change makes a difference.  Family meeting adjourned.  Now go play!

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