Nailed it! A major craft fail…

Yep, I nailed it.  Well, I certainly found something else that I’m not very good at.  It falls in the same category with cooking, I guess.  Anyway, I thought I’d share my tale of woe with you.

You can laugh.  It’s okay.  The hubby and his dad already did.

In fact, they still are…

I know I’m a bit on the odd side sometimes, but I just loved the look of these nails!  Polishpedia had a great video tutorial and assured me that this is a simple project that even  a moron could do.

Well, they didn’t use those exact words, but that is what they meant…

The Bad…

diy puzzle nail art fail

The instructions state to paint on the first color and allow it to totally dry before going to the next step.

Easy enough.

Except the silvery white that I used required a few coats.  It was already looking messy.  But I pressed on…

diy puzzle nail art fail

I was supposed to allow it to dry.  And that was the plan, but there were other crafty projects needing my attention.  I have crafty ADHD.  I just can’t sit there and watch nail polish dry!

So I carefully painted a green chicken, and finished another big project.  And I’m thinking I might have messed up my paint job a bit.  Sigh…

diy puzzle nail art fail

No problem.  I touched the paint up, and then waited until the next day when I was sure it was dry to go to the next step.

So exciting!  I clipped a couple pieces of tape and applied them to my nail as shown above.  (Note: it might be best to cut up a bunch of tape before you start). Just saying.

diy puzzle nail art fail

I then painted the areas not covered with tape with a pretty pink.

Somewhere at this point, the dogs needed put out.  So I can’t say that I sat there quietly.

And on the way back from the kitchen, I just may have stopped and answered my phone.

Oh… and there was an email I needed to answer.

diy puzzle nail art fail

I carefully removed the tape before the nail polish had dried.  Hmmmm…..

diy puzzle nail art fail

For the little puzzle piece notches, I was to put a drop of color on the edges of the pieces.  According to the instructions, it would flatten out when dry. So I pressed on.  You never know how a project will turn out if you don’t finish it.  Right?

…and the Ugly!

diy puzzle nail art fail

Ummm…yeah.  They are dry now.  Those little dots?  They feel like braille.  Braille on a sandpaper like surface.


The hubby says not to quit the day job.

diy puzzle nail fail

I think I’ll stick to crafting with toilet paper tubes

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