Celebrate 2015 with a Blog Tag!

Happy 2015!  This will be an exciting year for the Sitcom family as this is the year we take off in our RV and begin to travel the country!  Our house is currently on the market, and I even quit the day job!  I am currently working a temporary job as a website designer until April 1 when we plan to officially leave the state of Georgia and head for Bar Harbor, ME; our first stop on our grand adventure.

The year 2015 also marks the fifth year of the website, Suzy’s Sitcom.  Over the years, I’ve learned a ton about blogging and sharing my crafts and patterns.  And I’ve made a ton of wonderful friends.  My fabulously talented readers surprise me every day with their wonderful creations and helpful comments.  So in an effort to share the wealth, I’d love to introduce my wonderful readers to a few other crafty bloggers.

blog tag with suzys sitcom

I’m going to do a little experiment.  I’ll call this “Blog Tag”  I’m going to answer a few questions about my websites and then “tag” some fun bloggers to do the same.  If things work out, then over the next few days, you should see their posts below.  And just maybe you will find even more fun websites to follow.

Of course, if things don’t work out, then I will be here by myself much like my teen years sitting at the not so popular table in the lunch room doing my algebra homework while the cute girls in matching outfits, legwarmers and perfectly feathered hair sit across the room and discuss their manicures and what they bought at the mall last night….

Ummm….so let’s move on…

Below are my questions and answers along with a link list if you are a blogger and would like to participate.  Simply create your own post answering the same questions and then link here!  This is a great chance to show off your stuff and meet new readers!

quilled butterfly in a jar

1. What is your most beautiful post?

When I first began my website, I used an old digital camera for photos and didn’t really put an emphasis on the value of quality photos.  I learned over time that a beautiful photo makes a beautiful blog, which is what I now strive for.  I purchased a Canon SX30IS in 2012 and have done my best to improve my photos since then.  My Quilled Bug in a Jar photo was one of my first successful tries at photographing tiny detail.  So for the moment, I will title that my most beautiful post.

paisley painted stones diy

But I have to say that I do love the close ups of my Painted Paisley Stones!  So, it is a toss- up!

faux tin tiles from disposable cookie sheets

2. What is your most popular post?

This question took no thought.  One look at my stats and it is quite obvious that my Faux Tin Tiles made from disposable cookie sheets has that title.  It far exceeds any other post for views with a total of over a quarter million pattern downloads as of this posting.  This particular project was featured in Craft Ideas Magazine, and is very popular on my Pinterest boards.  In fact, the folks at the party store are probably wondering why there is a rush on disposable cookie sheets!  
grocery cart

3. What is your most controversial post?

I wouldn’t consider the Sitcom very controversial, but if I define this as having the most discussion after the fact, I would say that my post on Extreme Couponing fits the bill.  My review of the reality show seemed to hit a few nerves from one camp or the other and created lots of great discussion.

popsicle stick bracelets

4. What post’s success surprised you the most?

A simple project that took an afternoon to complete using something as ridiculously simple as a popsicle stick created a much larger stir than I ever imagined.  Picked up by some major arts and crafts sites, my Popsicle Stick Bracelet Tutorial currently has a page view of over 115,000. Very surprising.

dog staring

5. Which of your posts do you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved?

I love my Ralph posts.  I’m thinking I just need to give him his own website.  Seems that the Sitcom readers prefer crafts.  Imagine that!  But I can’t help but throw in some doggy love now and then.  Ralph has a strange obsession that I had to write about.  My family loved it, but the readers never seemed to notice it much.  But I really do love that post. And so does Ralph.

So, want to play along?

Then, Tag- you’re it!  If you are a blogger, answer the five questions above on your website and link your post below.  If you are a reader, be sure to check them out!