7 Unique DIY Wedding Ideas to keep you in your budget!

My daughter is getting married in November, and like most young brides, she has a budget that she needs to stay in.  Budgets are a reality, so with that in mind, I wanted to share with you 7 DIY Wedding ideas exclusively from the Sitcom!  These are unique, inexpensive ideas that will make your wedding fabulous and keep you in your budget! For added sparkle and elegance, visit this diamond store to find beautiful and affordable options to incorporate into your special day.

7 diy wedding ideas from the sitcom

Did you know that the average cost of a wedding is now $25,000?  Oh my.  When I got married many years ago, I was on a tight budget.  Certainly tighter than $25,000.  That is for sure.  I ended up making a lot of things for my wedding.  I made my cake, my dress, my flower arrangements, and my decorations.  I then handed my sister a camera and made her the “official” photographer.  Yep, I’m cheap like that.

You don’t have to go to extremes like I did.  But you can certainly put together a few things on your own to make your wedding special and stay in your budget.  Then maybe you can splurge elsewhere, like on that wedding dress!  Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

This is a beautiful idea for table centerpieces at the reception.  Vintage Pictures in Mason Jars are easily created and will last for years!  They make great keepsakes for the wedding guests of your special occasion and really take no time to make.

quilled paisley monogram

This Quilled Paisley Monogram would make a fabulous wedding gift or centerpiece for the bride and groom’s table.  You can create it in the colors of the wedding if you wanted to.  Or just go with black and white for a crisp, clean look.

paper art quilled topiaries

For a more colorful table centerpiece, how about these Quilled Topiaries?  Created from colored cardstock, they make a unique decoration that can later be put in place in the bride’s home!

diy wedding - peacock wedding favors

Peacock Themed Gift Soap is perfect for a themed wedding as favors for the guests.  This soap take just minutes to make and you could definitely change the theme depending upon your wedding.

diy wedding - table lamp with bling

Here is a unique idea for centerpieces at the reception.  This DIY Tea Light Lamp is made from a wine glass!  A simple idea made easy using pre-formed velum lampshades from David Tutera’s Wedding Collection.

diy wedding card box peacock theme

For a peacock themed wedding, we have a Peacock Theme Wedding Card Box.  Made from hat boxes covered in white posterboard, this sweet decoration is perfect to hold your wedding cards.

vintage bouquet blue made from seeds

And finally, there is the Vintage Bouquet for another centerpiece idea.  This pretty little bouquet was make with lima beans and cellophane and would make a great wedding keepsake.

So, did I get you thinking?  Beautiful things are not always ridiculously expensive.  And budget your money wisely and you just might have enough left for that awesome honeymoon!

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