DIY Dishwasher Monster Magnet!

Ever have that little issue when nobody knows if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty?  Since I’m the only one that actually uses the dishwasher, generally I’m the only one that knows the answer to that question.  So I created a simple way for the family to tell if dishes are clean or dirty with my DIY Dishwasher Monster Magnet.  This fun painting tutorial includes the FREE pattern!

dishwasher magnet

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For this project I used:

1 ea. 5″ x 6″ piece of wood approximately 3/8″ thick.  (You can find these at your local craft store)
Dishwasher Monster Pattern (FREE!)
Acrylic Paint
Mod Podge
Hot Glue

dishwasher clean dirty sign

Begin by tracing the pattern onto the wood, using carbon paper.

dishwasher clean dirty sign

Start with the “Dirty Monster” side and paint the background a light green.  Paint in the word “Dirty” in deep purple.

dishwasher clean dirty sign

The monster is in green.  While the paint is wet, add a bit of white to the right hand side to give the monster a bit of depth.

dishwasher clean dirty sign

Here are the details of the Dirty monster completed.  Outline everything in black with a tiny brush, or even a black sharpie would work.

dishwasher clean dirty sign

The clean monster has a light blue background.

dishwasher clean dirty sign

Details of the “Clean” monster include bubbles that are painted in blue and then highlighted in white. Once the painting is complete, seal the paint with a coating of Mod Podge.

dishwasher clean dirty sign

Hot glue magnets to the back of the piece.

dishwasher clean dirty sign

Add the Dishwasher magnet to the front of your dishwasher.  When your dishes are dirty, have “Dirty Monster” facing upwards showing the family that the dishes in the dishwasher may not be ready for use.

dishwasher clean dirty sign

Flip it when the dishes have been cleaned so that “Clean Monster” can let everyone know that the coast is clear.  Dishes are clean!

Now if I can only teach the hubby how to unload the dishwasher.  But that is a story for another day!

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