6 Unique Valentines Crafts

Valentine’s Day is one of those many holidays that often inspires me.  But I do like unique crafts.  So I’ve put together six of my most unique Valentine’s Day craft tutorials for you.  Well, actually, two of them are food, but tutorials just the same.  Ha!

6 valentines crafts that you will love

Ready to do some Valentines crafts?  We are now about three weeks away, with plenty of time to make something amazing!  So let’s get to work!

6 valentines crafts that you will love

Homemade Conversation Hearts

What is great about these colorful conversation hearts is that not only can you personalize them, but they actually taste pretty good!  Easy to make too!  The full tutorial can be found here: Homemade Conversation Hearts.

This is one of my very first tutorials on the Sitcom, so I apologize ahead of time for the photo quality.  But the recipe is awesome.

valentine conversation heart soaps

Conversation Hearts Soaps

Can you tell I love Conversation Hearts?  Here we have Homemade Conversation Hearts Single-Use Soaps.  These are great for your guest bathroom, or just to stick in your purse for your own personal use.  The inside is felt.  Once you use up the thin layer of soap, you can use the felt as a “wash cloth”!

The full tutorial can be found here: Conversation Hearts Soaps.

Sitcom 2 step option

6 valentines crafts that you will love

Valentine Heart Sachets

A bit of puffy paint, some felt and easy embroidery, and you have some sweet little heart sachets!  Fill them with potpourri, and they will make your drawers and closets smell wonderful.  You can find the full tutorial here: Valentine Heart Sachets.

6 valentines crafts that you will love

Valentine Conversation Hearts Dog Treats

And you know the Sitcom wouldn’t be the Sitcom without a little doggie love.  Just because they were so good, I made my dogs some Valentine Conversation Hearts Dog Treats!  Homemade, with healthy ingredients (for the most part), these little dog cookies were a huge hit, and easy to make too!

6 valentines crafts that you will love

Love Bird Decorative Folk Art

How about some love bird decorative folk art?  There are three different patterns for this project.  This one is the peacocks, but there are also chickens and herons.  The full tutorial includes all three patterns!

Sitcom 2 step option

6 valentines crafts that you will love

All You Need is Love Faux Pallet Art

And finally, how about a bit of faux pallet art?  This project is made from styrofoam, believe it or not!  Declare your love for cupcakes and create something amazing!

So pick your favorite tutorial and make your special someone, (or some dog) very happy!

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