Summer Crafting- 9 Beautiful Projects!

I love to create recycled crafts and crafts based on nature.  There are very inexpensive ways to bring color and beauty into your surroundings!  Here is a compilation of beautiful, colorful projects.  Many take just pennies to make.  Bring a bit of summer inside with some of these fun projects!

wire wrapped tree sun catcher

DIY Wire Wrapped Tree Suncatcher 

This tutorial uses a kit to create a beautiful wire wrapped suncatcher.  However, you can create your own with wire and pretty beads!  Check out the tutorial for lots of great tips on how to make this unique beauty.

Recycled Magazines

craft paper reed frames from recycled magazines

Paper Reed Frames 

Create colorful paper reed frames by rolling magazine pages!  This project is easy enough for the kids to do and makes a fabulous Father’s Day gift while recycling old magazines at the same time!

recycled magazine craft cut paper art

Cut Paper Art 

This tutorial comes with two free patterns to download.  While an adult would probably need to cut out the design, children could have fun gluing down the colorful recycled magazine strips!  Fun project for an afternoon.

Plastic Spoons

chrysanthemum mirrors recycled crafts

Chrysanthemum Mirrors 

Look closely and you will see tons of plastic spoons!  A great conversation piece and relatively easy to put together!  Fun tutorial.

Disposable Cookie Sheets

faux tin tiles from disposable cookies sheets

Faux Tin Tiles 

Believe it or not, these pretty tiles are made from a disposable aluminum cookie sheet!  Tutorial includes embossing instructions along with 12 free patterns!

enchanted fish pattern embossed metal art

Enchanted Fish Embossed Art 

Here we take the disposable aluminum cookie sheet embossing to a whole new level!  3D Art!  Fun tutorial and free pattern is available with Sitcom subscription.

Toilet Paper Tubes

faux metal wall art created from recycled tp tubes

Faux Metal Wall Art 

This may look like wrought iron, but it is in fact toilet paper tubes!  This tutorial includes the free patterns to make this set of wall art.  A great way to recycle those toilet paper tubes!

Light Bulbs

hot air balloons suncatchers

Hot Air Balloon Suncatchers

Made from burnt out light bulbs, these pretty suncatchers totally brighten up a window!


paisley painted stones diy

Painted Paisley Stones 

And finally, I added my small touch to nature by painting some found river rock in beautiful paisleys!  This project is fun to do and adds lots of color to your rock gardens and potted plants!

See something you love?  Go grab some supplies and create your own personal sunshine!

For more recycled craft ideas, please check out my Recycled Crafts Page!

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