Fun Egg Crafts for Spring!

Unique egg craft ideas are very popular this time of year. Since creating Ukrainian Egg art with is one of my specialties, I definitely am drawn to great ideas for making awesomeness with eggs.

9 Fun egg craft ideas for Spring!

Pretty eggs make great year round decorations in centerpieces and tablescapes.  And Easter is always a great time to sit down with the kids and do a bit of egg decorating.

But don’t stop there!  Here are 9 great egg decorating and craft ideas that use real eggs, blown eggs, and even plastic eggs!

Easy to make Easter ribbon and egg wreath

DIY Easter Ribbon Wreath from Suzy’s Sitcom

This wreath was created using pretty Easter ribbons and a whole ton of pastel plastic Easter eggs! Easy to make and a colorful decoration for your door!

Unique miniatures scenes inside of a real egg!

Unique Egg Shell Art from Suzy’s Sitcom

Love miniatures?  Want to make something amazing?  Create a miniature scene inside a real chicken egg shell!  This project is not as hard as it looks and the results are fabulous! –

easy DIY mosaic with egg shells

DIY Mosaic with Eggshells from Suzys Sitcom

Always crafting.  It is a curse, you see.

I designed a mosaic toothbrush holder made from egg shells!  I like to call this the “poor man” mosaic technique.  Looks fancy, but really isn’t!  Want to know how to make one?

foil covered easter eggs

Foil Covered Easter Eggs from Suzy’s Sitcom

I’m a big fan of metallics, and when I discovered the art of burnishing foil onto things, it came to mind that this process might just work well on Easter eggs!

easter egg subway egg art

Subway Art Painted Eggs from Lil Luna

I love these colorful Subway Art Painted Eggs! And the process to make them is surprisingly easy! You can find a full tutorial at Lil Luna.

Silk Dyed Eggs from Our Best Bites

Would you believe that these are made with silk ties? This is definitely something I need to try in the near future! You can find the full tutorial for these Silk Dyed Eggs at Our Best Bites.

ukrainian egg art by suzys sitcom

Ukrainian Eggs from Suzy’s Sitcom

And finally, if you are interested in learning Ukrainian Egg art, or are just curious as to how this beauty was created, be sure to visit my Ukrainian Egg Art Tutorial!

There you have it!  9 great tutorials for creating some awesome egg crafts!  Create something amazing!

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