Bring on the Sun! 9 Pretty Sun Catcher Projects!

Winter is still coming to a slow end.  It is this time of year that I start yearning for the bright colors and smells of spring.  So lets combine a little sunshine and some fun crafts!  Here are 9 fun DIY suncatchers that are perfect for that sunny day!

If you are familiar at all with the Sitcom, you know that I love color.  And what better way to show off color than to have it streaming through your window? Let’s take a look at nine fun craft ideas that are great for children and adults alike.

sun catchers kids craft

Easy to Make Glass Sun Catchers

You will be surprised at how simple this sun catcher project is!  In fact, it is a great project for the kids on a warm sunny day.  You use glass cabochons from the dollar store and clear Elmers glue!

Pretty Butterfly Window Clings

These pretty window clings are so easy to make!  All you need is puffy fabric paint and my free butterfly pattern.  They cling easily to your shiny clean window without leaving any residue and add a bunch of bright color to an otherwise dreary day.

wire wrapped tree sun catcher

 Wire Wrapped Tree Suncatcher

This suncatcher utilizes pretty glass and plastic beads and wire.  This particular craft is easy, but meant more for the older children and adults as the use of pliers and tiny objects can be difficult for small hands…

recycled craft plastic lid sun catcher11

Flower Power Sun Catcher 

Need something fun for the kids to make on spring break?  This project not only is a fun project, but a great way to recycle plastic lids.  This pretty Flower Power Sun catcher adds a ton of color to a room and it is easy enough to keep little hands busy!

Melted Plastic Bead Suncatcher from Clever Catastrophe

Here we have a beautiful sun catcher made from melted plastic beads!  The process is simple!  Check out the full tutorial and create some sunshine!

faux stained glass with acrylic paint and glue

 Peacock Faux Stained Glass 

Faux stained glass fun in the form of acrylic paints and school glue!  This tutorial breaks it down step by step.  The smaller set can join in on this, creating stained glass  from coloring book pages!

butterfly sun catcher from recycled pans

Butterfly Sun Catcher 

This unusual butterfly sun catcher is made from strips of disposable aluminum pans!  A fun project with beautiful results!

DIY Faux Stained Glass with Tiles from Holly’s Art Corner

Here we have another stained glass effect using small glass tiles and glue!  Fun tutorial meant for the kids of all ages!

hot air balloons suncatchers

 Hot Air Balloon Suncatchers 

Have some lightbulbs laying about that could use some repurposing?  Well, I have the solution for you!  This project uses puff paint and acrylic paint to create the beautiful patterns!

See something you love?  Go grab some supplies and create your own personal sunshine!

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4 different recycled aluminum crafts

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